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  • Chiropractic Adjustments Help with Stress

    Chiropractors have been known as back and neck specialists.  If you have neck pain or back pain, it has been recommended that you see a chiropractor.  Well, recent research proves that you may be getting more than you realized when you get your chiropractic adjustment. New studies indicate that chiropractic adjustments can increase the body’s […]

  • Whiplash, PTSD, and Muscle Degeneration

    If you have been in a rear-end collision, you have witnessed first hand the discomfort of the injuries caused by such an event.  If you sustained severe injuries, then there is a chance that you have developed chronic whiplash. Recent research has found that chronic whiplash patients have been found with fatty infiltrates in their […]

  • DUI Checkpoints

    DUI checkpoints, also known as state sobriety checkpoints, are used in most states as part of their drunk driving deterrent programs.  Not all states value the legality of using these tests, so only 38 of the states have laws that allow them. The checkpoints are a great idea, if everyone plays by the same rules.  […]

  • Whiplash Terminology

    Have you ever been in a car wreck?  Did you need the help of an attorney and a chiropractor?  Did you find yourself listening to them say things like PI, CAD, or WAD? There are many technical, medical, and judicial terms that lawyers and chiropractors will use when handling an auto accident case.  Here are […]

  • Can Whiplash Affect the Transverse Ligament?

    Most of the studies done on ligaments after a whiplash injury revolve around the alar ligaments.  Recent studies suggest that the transverse ligament may also be affected. Ulbrich et al came up with the following results: STIR and VIBE imaging showed significant alterations of the transverse ligament Male whiplash patients had thicker transverse ligaments than […]

  • Texting Your Way to Prison

    Here is another unfortunate case of what happens when you are texting while driving.  A former University of Northern Iowa student was sentenced to seven years in prison following a hit and run. The student had been drinking and driving, which was her first mistake.  Secondly, she was texting to a friend that she shouldn’t […]

  • Which Activity is Most Dangerous?

    When you are behind the wheel, which activity do you think distracts you the most?  Is it sipping on a drink, taking a bite to eat, talking on the phone, or texting? The most logical choice would be texting, especially with the emphasis in the media these days.  But if you said texting, you would […]

  • The Most Expensive Car Wreck

      Have you ever wondered what was the most expensive car wreck ever?  Well, back in July of 2012, a Ferrari worth an estimated $30 million, was involved in an accident.  The Ferrari was owned by US businessman, Christopher Cox. He was taking part in the 50th anniversary celebration of the very rare model.  The […]

  • Auto Accident Statistics in Orlando, FL

    Orlando, FL, is home to Disney World, Sea World, and several other wonderful theme parks.  In 2011, Orlando was named the most visited destination in the US.  It is an ideal location for a great vacation, but remember there are a lot of people that call this place home. As of April 2012, the population […]

  • Chronic Pain After Whiplash Injuries

    There have been a lot of research articles over the past few years demonstrating the relationship between chronic pain and whiplash injuries.  Researchers have explained that once a patient has been injured during an automobile accident, he or she may experience chronic pain. The concept of “central sensitization” explains that once a patient has a whiplash injury, […]