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  • Texting and Driving Laws for California

    The use of cell phones can make it easier for all of us to work anywhere and at any time.  This is especially true when confirming appointments or setting up new ones.  But, I do not recommend making these arrangements while driving.  Before cell phones, we would sit in our office, make phone calls, and set up […]

  • Lost Wages after an Auto Accident in Los Angeles

    If you have been injured in an auto accident you may want to consider hiring an attorney that is experienced in handling personal injury claims.  There are a lot of items to take into account once you have been injured in an auto accident.  You will have medical bills, towing fees, mechanic bills, body shop bills, […]

  • Property Damage and Injury in Los Angeles Auto Accidents

    Chiropractors treat several types of injuries, such as: neck pain, back pain, headaches, etc…  Some of these injuries are from repetitive use while other injuries are traumatic.  Did you know that a lot of chiropractors treat injuries from auto accidents? According to Traffic Collision Data reported by the Los Angeles Department of Transportation for the […]

  • Pedestrian Collisions in Los Angeles, CA

    You don’t have to be in the car to be injured from a car accident.  There have been several reported instances where pedestrians have been struck by vehicles.  According to the department of transportation in Los Angeles, a report from the years of 1994-2000 showed the following statistics: There were an average of 45,046 collisions […]

  • Car Accident Photos

    Car accident photos can be somewhat scary.  Never do we enjoy reading about a fatal car accident or seeing horrific auto accident pictures.  We would rather read about stories of near fatal escapes or seeing horrible car accident photos with people left virtually unharmed.  But did you know that car accident photos could be very important? If you […]

  • Are You Afraid of Whiplash?

    New research shows that fear may play a role in the recovery process for whiplash victims.  Kinesiophobia, which is the fear of movement, has been documented in delaying the recovery time for low back pain.  Now there may be a link to cervical pain, or whiplash injuries, after a car accident. The study, published in […]

  • SUV Goes Airborne

    This crazy heat wave that we have been experiencing is now causing some problems on the roadways.  Apparently in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, an SUV went airborne because the heat caused the road to buckle.  This crack in the road sent the SUV flying high into the air.  Fortunately nobody was injured in the incident, but […]

  • Pain Began Days After the Crash

    Did you know that if you are in a car accident you may not even realize that you are in fact injured until much later?  In fact, research and clinical experience demonstrate that a delay of symptoms may actually be the norm.  As a result of the trauma of the car accident, your body produces […]

  • Process Servers Help Legal Matters

        Process Servers play an important role in the legal process.  When someone is served with civil process, it gives the courts juridstiction over them.  If you are in a car accident and have sustained serious injuries, sometimes litigation may be your only option.     I have a close friend who sustained serious injuries in […]

  • DUI Victim…Get Representation with Results

    Been in a car crash? Was the other driver at fault? Did he get a DUI? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will need legal representation! When your day in court comes you must be prepared and only an expert can help you with that. There are lawyers that specialize in […]