Does Litigation Affect Whiplash Outcomes?

Does Litigation Affect Whiplash Outcomes?

Does Litigation Affect Whiplash Outcomes?

Some will argue that having an attorney, or getting a large compensation will make the patient better in the long run.  Unfortunately this is not always the case.

Recent research proves that the health outcome of the patient is not determined by lawyer involvement or based on the amount of compensation.  There have been many unfortunate cases where patients are left with chronic pain syndromes following whiplash injuries.  In some of those cases lawyers helped the victims, whereas other patients had no form of legal representation.  In some of those cases large compensations were paid, where other cases had no payouts.

Gaining proper compensation helps the patient manage their ongoing medical expenses in the future, but it will not guarantee a level of health.  Although there is no guarantee, I still highly recommend that you have proper representation and medical care to help minimize any of these problems.

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