DUI Checkpoints

DUI Checkpoint

DUI Checkpoint

DUI checkpoints, also known as state sobriety checkpoints, are used in most states as part of their drunk driving deterrent programs.  Not all states value the legality of using these tests, so only 38 of the states have laws that allow them.

The checkpoints are a great idea, if everyone plays by the same rules.  Usually when a checkpoint is established the officers pull over every car, or they stop cars based on a predetermined pattern.  They are not allowed to pull over a car based on race, bumper stickers, style of car, etc…

If you are pulled over, the officer may ask to search your car.  They do not have a legal right to search it, so you may refuse the request.  They may ask you to perform a series of field sobriety tests, to which you can also refuse.  Lastly they will ask you to use the breathalizer to determine your blood alcohol level.  You may refuse this test too, but the penalties are as severe as a DUI.

If you have been convicted of a DUI, I suggest you talk with an attorney about your options.  Please use our list of professionals to help you.

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