Pedestrian Collisions in Los Angeles, CA

Pedestrian Collisions in Los Angeles

Pedestrian Collisions in Los Angeles

You don’t have to be in the car to be injured from a car accident.  There have been several reported instances where pedestrians have been struck by vehicles.  According to the department of transportation in Los Angeles, a report from the years of 1994-2000 showed the following statistics:

  • There were an average of 45,046 collisions per year
  • Pedestrian collisions represented 7.1% of all reported collisions
  • An average of 1.1 pedestrians were involved in each accident
  • A total of 549 pedestrians were reported as fatalities from the collisions
  • Pedestrian fatalities represent 36.8% of all traffic fatalities.
  • 39% of all pedestrian collisions occur mid-block (not in crosswalks).
  • 26% of all pedestrian collisions occur at intersections with crosswalks and signals

So next time you are driving in Los Angeles, make sure to keep in mind the people walking on the sidewalks and crosswalks that surround you.  And if you are one of those walking, and not driving, keep a close eye on the cars that are zooming past.

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