Ryan Dunn Auto Accident

Ryan Dunn Auto Accident

Unfortunately there comes a time when a celebrity is involved in a fatal car accident.  Hopefully the popularity of these victims will help us reach a large audience in the hopes that people can see first hand what driving while under the influence will do.

Police estimated that the Jackass star had a blood alcohol level of over twice the legal limit.  The car was thought to be travelling at nearly 130 mph in Pennsylvania when it crashed.  Because the car was left in such bad shape, the police were unable to determine whether or not the two in the vehicle died upon impact, or if they died when the vehicle caught fire.

Please let this be a lesson to all of us that drinking and driving do not mix.  Sometimes it can greatly affect your life, if not end your life, where other times you put others’ lives at risk.  For your sake and of all the other drivers on the road, please do not drink and drive.

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