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Quit_Smoking_NowEveryone knows that smoking is bad for your health.  Unfortunately it is up to the individual to decide whether or not he or she wants to continue smoking.  I have seen individuals being wheeled around in a wheelchair with an oxygen tank, smoking a cigarette.  Yeah, I was awestruck.  Then I ran for cover in case the oxygen tank exploded, hahahaha.

On a serious note, it doesn’t matter what bad health report is given to a smoker, they may still choose to smoke.  Well guess what?  Here is another reason you should quit smoking right now.   According to Durazzo et al, and de Leeuw et al:

“smokers are more likely to suffer long-term effects from mild traumatic brain injuries (MTBI). Chronic smoking was found to affect neurocognitive function such as processing speed, memory measures, and visuospatial memory following MTBI.  Greater duration and frequency of smoking was related to significantly reduced improvement in neurocognitive function following MTBI.  These results suggest that chronic cigarette smoking should be considered a potential factor influencing recovery from traumatic brain injuries.”

So if you wish to let your neurocognitive function decrease, then go ahead and keep on smoking.  If you want to keep your brain working at its full potential, then I recommend finding a safe and effective way to kick the habit.

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