Texting While Driving Laws in North Carolina

Texting While Driving Laws in North Carolina

Texting While Driving Laws in North Carolina

With over 1200 accidents a year in North Carolina related to texting while driving, the North Carolina law states the following:

  1. Prohibits texting for all drivers.
  2. Prohibits cell phone use (handheld and hands-free) for bus drivers.
  3. Prohibits cell phone (handheld and hands-free) for novice drivers.

Anyone in violation with this law can face a $100 fine plus court costs.  Even more important than the fine, is the fact that you could help protect peoples’ lives by following this law.  Texting is a distraction from driving.  Responsible drivers know what is going on around them at all times.  If you have something distracting you from driving, you may not have the appropriate reaction time, which could lead to your death or the death of someone else.  Help save lives by paying attention while driving.  Please don’t text and drive.

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