Texting Your Way to Prison

Texting Your Way to Prison

Texting Your Way to Prison

Here is another unfortunate case of what happens when you are texting while driving.  A former University of Northern Iowa student was sentenced to seven years in prison following a hit and run.

The student had been drinking and driving, which was her first mistake.  Secondly, she was texting to a friend that she shouldn’t be driving, but that she was headed to the next party.  Lastly, after hitting the lady on the motorcycle, she left the scene of the accident.  She proceeded to drive over 10 miles away on a flat tire which was then changed and hidden in a farm building.

At court, Jennifer Lynn Moeller, age 22, told Joan Nicholson, “I’m so sorry for all the pain I caused for you.”  Joan was left in a ditch suffering from loss of part of her left leg, a broken collarbone and several ribs, as well as permanent scars and nerve damage.

We all make mistakes, but this is a mistake that could have been avoided.  We must think before we act.  Driving a motor vehicle is a major responsibility, and it requires our utmost attention while doing so.  The judge felt that this was a very serious offense, to which she awarded such a harsh penalty.  Think before you drink, and never text while you drive.

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