Traffic in Orlando, FL

Traffic in Orlando, FL

Traffic Jam

All major cities come with major headaches in the form of – Traffic!  Even smaller towns will have some level of traffic, but when major highways and interstates run through major cities, then you just put together the recipe for disaster.

Orlando, FL has traffic like any other major city, primarily in the mornings after 7:00am and in the afternoons after 4:00pm.  Most of the traffic comes from those travelling downtown from the northern suburbs of Seminole County and the eastern suburbs of Orange County.  The tourist district south of downtown can create heavy traffic jams also.

Fortunately Orlando has several ways to keep its drivers abreast of the traffic situation.  To keep up to date on traffic in Orlando, motorists can:

  1. Download the Tele-Traffic App (available for iPhone and Android)
  2. Dial 511 (a free automated traffic advisory system provided by the FDOT)
  3. Visit the Florida 511 Web site
  4. Listen to traffic reports on major radio stations
  5. Read electronic traffic advisory displays (a.k.a. Variable message signs)

The most important thing to remember while in traffic is to PAY ATTENTION!  It is very convenient to check email and text messages while in traffic, but not paying attention could easily cause you to run into the back of the person ahead of you.  This will cause you and them undue headaches and stress, not to mention… it will cause more traffic.

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